Week 15-Artist Conversation: Amy Duran

Artist: Amy Duran

Gallery: Gatov East and West

Exhibit: Love Houses

Media: Ceramics

Instagram: polkadot.pony

Website: N/A

Duran is currently an undergraduate student who commutes to Cal State Long Beach. She transferred from Cypress College. Duran is currently working towards her BFA in ceramics and plans to graduate next semester. She does not plan to attend a grad school after graduation. In the future, Duran wants to have an internship with PIXAR. She admires the stop motion pictures of movies like the Nightmare Before Christmas, and hopes to create stop motion puppets like those used in the movie. Duran is currently a cake decorator who makes lovely flower designs and patterns like those seen on the vases. Duran has always been interested in sculpting. In her spare time, her hobbies include cake decorating, painting, and watching movies. Duran prefers fantasy based movies such as Harry Potter.

The name “Love Houses’ derived from each of their names. Love is the french meaning of Amy. Casas is a Spanish word for houses. Together they create “Loves Houses”, a name symbolic of thier collaboration. Luis Casas made the vases, while Amy Duran decorated them with various patterns one would usually see on a cake. For the patterns, she uses cake decorating pipes and various piping nozzles. In order to make the piping clay, Duran added water and blended it until it had a cake frosting- like consistency. Duran had also created a set of “story” sculptures. The set included a suited wolf behind an apple tree, a girl in a blue dress with apples, a sleeping hunter with an ax and a rifle/shotgun, and an apple tree with a wanted poster of the wolf. Each figure was made on the wheel. Generally, she makes her sculptures by hand. Duran created these characters with the intention to allow the viewer to create their own stories.

I enjoyed viewing Duran’s art pieces, especially the various cute ornaments she had for sale. To me, the “story” scene looked like a one-sided love story between the girl and the wolf, where the hunter is someone who constantly interferes with the wolf’s attempts to speak to the girl at the very least. Just looking at her art was pleasing to the eyes.



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