Week 14- Activity: Instagram

This week’s activity wasn’t hard. However, Instagram is something that I use to post moments that I find that I am at one of my happiest states of mind. Other pictures would include my drawings that think deserve to be shown to others and pictures of food. That Wednesday in particular, was yet another day of studying, a typical day for me, though I didn’t anticipate on spending time with friends as well. I noticed that most people, like me, posted pictures of food, selfies, or pictures of objects with captions explaining the pictures. It’s nice to see what other people are doing with their day. I found that some students travelled distances farther than that of school to take pictures. Either that, or they just used old pictures and posted it to their Instagram. There isn’t like a set date or anything that people have to post the day of the event that occurred. Rather, I also know from experience, that people like to post throwbacks to certain events. Similar to other forms of social media, Instagram is another place where we can show others what we have been up to. The pictures do bring up a sense of community, seen especially in pictures of friends or in the captions under pictures with no people at all. People are even communicating through comments. In a sense, you can see the kind community we live in if we possibly draw up a big map and pin each picture to their locations.


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