Wk – Classmate Conversation: Linda Nguyen


This week I got the chance to meet Linda Nguyen. Linda is a second-year Health Science major at Cal State Long Beach. She aspires to become a PA (physician’s assistant) in the future because she wants to help people and finds joy in helping others get well. Linda is the eldest daughter in her family who does her best to look after her two younger sisters. In the future, Linda wishes to own a pet. She loves dogs and would name her future dog Gorgonzola. Linda also likes to try new foods and broaden her taste buds.

This week’s question of the week refers to a particular scene in the matrix. If given the chance, would Linda choose the red pill or the blue pill? Linda chose to take the red pill because she is curious as to what the truth may be and wants to learn the truth if all she has known turned out to be a lie. She does not want to believe what she wants to believe in. Rather, she doesn’t want to live a lie when she has the opportunity to learn the truth, whether or not the truth is dark and scary. The truth is a very important to her.


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