Wk 12: Artist Conversation- Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibit: Biology

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi

Media: foam, paint, sculpture


Insta: none

Garver is a current senior who is graduating this semester. She graduates with a BFA in sculpting and does not plan to go to grad school right after college. However, she does plan to go at a later time. Garver commutes to Cal State  Long Beach. She decided on moving to Hawaii for the time being and find an art related job there. Garver prefers to do scuplting because she likes the kind of environment she works in, as well as the feeling of doing 3D hands on work. She had liked art for a while but didnt get serious until college. On her spare time, Garver likes to swim, hike, and cook various asian foods such as indian curry.

Garver took almost a monh to do entire exhibit. She modeled the entire room to represent the human body. The white walls with the polyurethane foam protrusions represent the various parts of a cell or organs in our body. The white color of the foam allows the art pieces to merge with the white walls and become “one entity”. The exterior of our body is represented by the gold chains and the ball hanging in the middle of the room. The ball is made from wire wrapped with platsic iridescent film that reflects light to create a colorful surface. It is held together with heat. For me, I felt like the exhibit represented more of like a single cell. The ball represented the nucleus, while the chains could be the DNA chains or the smooth endoplasmic reticulum of the cell. The white parts could be the ribosomes or other smaller, free floating particles in the cytoplasm.

Garver has a unique kind of art that uses her exhibit space as something that is a part of her art piece, rather than just a space to display her art. Her art piece is unique in a way that I feel that she purposlely made the ball and chains the center of attention. And only when you actually get into the room, do you notice that there are objects mounted on the walls. Just as how she mentioned that the ball and chains are supposed to be the exterior our body, I can see why she didnt make the walls the exterior of the body, because we normally only see or detect problems that actually show. Whereas, the “hidden” or the white foams would represent the “undetected” or smaller units we often overlook because it is hidden by the light of the exterior until we take a closer look at it. I liked the exhibit, because it took me a while to understand maybe the intended meaning of what Garver meant by the ball and chains to be the exterior of our body.


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