Wk 11: Classmate Conversations- Tina Tran 

Tina is a fifth-year biochemistry major. She commutes to from Huntington Beach. On her spare time, she enjoys movies on Netflix. Tina is a very reliable upper classmate that was very happy to share her experiences in the biochemistry major with me. She also gave me tips and advice pertaining to chemistry and biology specific classes.

This week’s question of the week revolves around Demi Lovato’s reaction towards a fan’s mythological portrayal of her image. Miss Lovato is incredibly proud of her body and has gone through quite the struggle to be who she is today. She did not have any ill intentions towards the artist and his art, but merely questions why he had to tweak her body to fit his ideal ‘mermaid’. He tries to reinstate his purpose of the art by saying that it was merely his portrayal of his mermaid and did not draw with the intent of body shaming. However, fans of Serbanescu and Lovato fired back with comments. So I asked Tina the question of the week on her opinion about this controversial topic. Did Lovato react in a justified manner? And do you agree with the singer’s opinion or conclusion?

Tina had a very similar reaction as I did. She felt that the art was not drawn with any sexual intent? Tina believes that Lovato knows that the fanart is not a direct criticism to her body or any feminine body in general, but rather 7chooses to see the fanart in that light because of her past struggles. It is no secret that on her way the top of the music industry, Lovato is trying to empower woman, making this fanart a direct attack to her views. Tina also believes that people in general, make art controversial or a big deal when public opinions clash.


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