Wk 11: Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

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Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibit – Janus Maxim

Gallery: Marilyn Werby

Instagram: kyle.kruse

web: kylekruseart.com

Media: new genre, installation, wood, fiber, film

Kruse is a printmaking senior graduate who believes that living the experience would have more of an impact. It would also make his art more meaningful as well. This exhibit is Kruse’s degree show. He has already walked the previous semester. He has a BFA in printmaking and plans to attend a graduate school sometime in the future. On his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing and composing his own music on his guitar. In general, every hobby he does is implemented into his artwork in any shape or form.

Quote:  “Just one thing, one voice, expresses thousands.”

“It is what it needed to be. One thing is equal to one thing. Many things are equal to many things.” – Kyle Kruse

Kruse spent ten months working on the exhibit. He was most interested in the relationship between the film and the touch of the floor. His exhibition focuses on the sensory experience overall. From the sound of the video to the visuals of the wood carvings, each art piece in the vicinity evoked a sense, excluding taste that he envisioned through a banquet. The carving took three months to complete, one month to film, two and a half months to edit. conceiving sculpture. The exhibit seems kind of cultish highlighted by dark aspects of the room.The video was very dark but it had elements or objects that are described in the stories of Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus. The guy looked as if he was eating flesh in one of the videos, probably pertaining to the story of Prometheus.There were images of the burning of bones, possibly referring to a sacrificial aspect. The ground was encrusted with dirt or something very crusty that made it seem like I was walking on crusted ground in the wilderness shown in a video. The wood portraits looked very smooth with the details carved in it.  Each art piece refers to the infamous Greco-Roman stories of Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus.

The exhibit was very dark the moment a person steps in. It didn’t necessarily give me chills, but it did excite me when I found out that the exhibit referred to Greek Mythology. To me, this was his way of telling their story to the general public.  The way he placed each of his art pieces also gives life to a notion of cultism that was very evident in greek culture.



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