Wk 10: Activity – Social Networking

I think the hardest part of this project was to get all the names to basically connect in a more organized way. There are a lot of relationships that are supposed to be considered as well. Unfortunately, Touchgraph, an app on facebook that links relationships between you and you friends, is no longer available as an easy way to connect you to your “friends”. This project is not so easy and not so difficult. It is easy, provided that social media helps you have at least a general sense of what individuals you kind of know (ie. Facebook). However categorizing and linking people based on certain categories was hard. You have friends who’ve been there since childhood. You also are friends with friends of friends. And there are also Facebook “friends” to consider as well. There are all these conditions a person has to consider when linking oneself the another, so where do I start? For me, I limited myself to individuals who I have talked to on more than one occasion and have come to like outside of school related things. I added family in there too because family is important to me as friends as they are blood relations.

As someone who is more of an introvert when making friends, I only have the tendency to talk when I have enough courage to approach someone. For the most part, I make friends through friends. In rare cases do I make friends online. I have only had three cases in which that has happened. Among those three cases, only one has continued to be my friend despite being miles apart. My “Social Network” applies to  individuals that have stuck with me despite the differences. Among these people that I have met so far, I could say that I have at least fifteen people I can go to for advice in times of trouble. Dunbar’s Number makes sense to me because I noticed that only a handful of people really know who I am outside of school. In theory, 150 meaningful relationships would be wonderful to have. However, the definition of meaningful goes a long way. Each individual has their own definition of who would be close, or who are their friends. For me, I know that I at least have 15 wonderful people who know that there is more to me than studying or goofing around 24/7.

When it comes to Facebook “friends”, I find that some of the acquaintances I know add almost any individual that sends them a request, whether or not they know the person themselves. For me, I only add people that I have met at least once or if they have quite a bit of mutual friends. You don’t necessarily have any relationship with them, aside from seeing their new updates or being just someone you decided to add on Facebook. Nothing really surprised me greatly because there was a time in my life when I wanted to distance myself from people as a kind of experiment. It’s like this weird out of person experience I get when I get really depressed. At that time, I put myself at a distance and many of the individuals had the back of their heads towards me. Only only a few of them were facing me. It’s hard to explain but, you kind of just know who your closer friends are when you’re really in trouble. I personally don’t have that many friends, only acquaintances who are willing to at the very least post job openings for someone else to see, invite people to various events, or post random websites of interest that may coincidentally be something you were looking for.


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