Wk9: Activity- Art Care Packages


This art care package includes:

  • 2 expired Disney tickets
  • A personal drawing
  • A red envelope
  • 3 art business cards
  • A cork bottle with pencil, paper, and paper stars

I decided on sending this to my good friend Linda. The red envelope was something I decided to put in because red envelopes symbolize good luck. It is also something that is a part of our culture that basically symbolizes a wish for the receiver to have good fortune for the new year. The personal drawing of the dragon and key blade are both Disney and Kingdom Hearts inspired subjects. They each refer to the character Genie from the disney movie Aladin. Linda had chosen the Three Wishes key blade because it references to one of her all-time favorite Disney movies. The dragon protecting the key blade is just something that references to me. It is something she knows I love to draw. I based the dragon off of the appearances of Genie. The used Disney tickets are there to represent the theme park that we have yet to go together. It is a small wish that we could possibly go there together with our close friends. From the left, the first business card has a peach on it. It reminded me of her because she liked to draw peaches. The second business card I felt like would represent her as well because sunflowers have unique meanings when given to someone else. It is a very flamboyant and happy plant just like Linda. She is a very approachable person whose personality is infectious; her peppy nature makes hanging out with her a memorable experience. The third business card is another Disney movie that we both enjoy as well. The glass cork bottle has paper stars and a rolled piece of paper that symbolizes wishes. They are just wishes from me to her. This took quite a while to put together because I wanted to include some science topics as well. However, I remembered that she spends most of her time studying, so I decided to just send these items to possibly cheer her up.

Since I am sending mine to my friend, an ACP and Snapchat both serve as a way for me to send her pictures of things that remind me of them or of an experience we shared. An ACP, judging by the examples we were shown, is something that we need to mail or give to in person. They contain items that can be kept forever I suppose. The mail system takes at least a few days to be sent to the receiver. Snapchat instead utilizes the internet to send pictures to a person in just a few seconds. The receiver is only allowed at most ten seconds to view the sent picture, however. ACP takes a while to get to the person.  At this time and age, when technology is rapidly advancing our society, Snapchat allows us to take ten-second videos or a picture and send it to the person right away. Time and effort goes into putting an ACP together and its efforts clearly show, especially in pieces that you’ve created. When one keeps in constant contact with an acquaintance, usually both parties would feel as though they took time in their day to let the other know they still think of them. When you take your time to put effort into something for another, it clearly shows in the way it is presented. In this case for an ACP, this is something that seems like it would be sent probably on a weekly or monthly basis.

  1. What do you think of ephemera? Is it precious? Or trash? Does it gain in value over time? Does your grandma’s parking ticket from half a century ago mean something to you? What about her tickets fromWoodstock? What might your grandkids think if you one day gave them the bead bracelet you wore at Coachella?

Ephemera are small things linked to experiences. To the person, it may be a precious item for a while before becoming trash when the memory no longer pertains to them. Or, the item may become something they would on to forever. However, to others, if they do not share the same interest or experience, they would see the item as trash. There are items that do gain value over time. The values may come in forms of money or a very dear experience. Some people like to look back at the past, and items that they hold onto can help trigger those memories. If I had an item given to me by an elder of my family, it would most likely be something that would help me in the future or something that would remind me of my culture or family. The only things I would pass down to my children would be things that are of great importance to me, not the small trinkets I keep from adventures or things like that. If they ever ask about its significance, I’d tell them the story behind the item. It is up to them to keep it if I ever choose to give it to them.

  1. Is there a difference between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art that is seen by few, like the ACP you send to someone?

The amount of viewers is obviously one difference. However, that can solely depend on what the art’s purpose or origin is.

  1. People sometimes say things like prepare a meal with love. Can you prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru? Does an ACP have the possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from a Snapchat?

People have various definitions on these controversial topics. For me, something from a drive-through, especially a fast food chain restaurant, is not a place I’d go for a hearty meal. However, a part of me thinks that there can be love found in a meal that takes just as much time to put together as something you can order from a drive-through window. With a high paced society as ours, no one really has time to eat anymore. We spend most of our time doing other things that eating kind of turns into an activity we have to do to get through the day. So if my mother ever just brings home takeout or fast food, I’d try to understand that she probably didn’t have time to make food. At the very least, she remembered to feed us, so I wouldn’t have any complaints, especially when I can cook for myself.


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