Week 8: Activity- Sketching in the Gardens

Sketching has been one of my best art forms since I was a middle schooler. The repeated patterns of sketching and erasing on paper had brought my art skills to what it is today through practice. I went straight ahead into the activity with no worries at the slightest, knowing very well that my skills would be put to use and believing that the activity would be a breeze for me. Yet, in the middle of one of my drawings, as I was erasing a stray line, one of my classmates reminded me that we were not allowed to erase. I remember groaning in frustration and looking at my phone at the activity posted for the week. She was right, we weren’t supposed to erase no matter what. The concept of drawing the reality in front of me was something I’ve grown used to, despite having my subjects move around so much. However, sketching without erasing was hard. There were several times I almost erased lines I hated, the temptation was real.

If there was anything I’d like to change about my drawings, I would’ve hoped to have given myself more time when drawing plants and scenery. I also have trouble when it comes to shading things as well. At first, I didn’t mean to smear my sketches, but it was inevitable when the side of your palm is constantly touching the paper. Unlike writing, the act of just putting things down on paper, without actually looking at the paper, is hard. The picture looked like something I would’ve drawn in my elementary and early middle school days. Contour drawing isn’t my best form of sketching. The activity gave me a nice change of pace. The Japanese Garden provided a really calming effect on me like it put my worries aside as I did what I loved most – drawing. I am really proud of my representational sketching of the duck.


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