Week 7: Artist Conversation-Nathaniel Paderanga

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: Social

Media: Oil paint

Instagram: The Art of Nate

Website: None

Paderanga is a senior at CSULB. He is currently working on getting his Undergrad BFAs in drawing and painting. Paderanga says that he doesn’t want to go to grad school because he wanted to see how things would play out after graduating. He also decided that it would allow him to have more time to paint and relax. Paderanga had only started to paint and draw at the age of eighteen. He had applied to Long Beach as a Kinesthesiology major during his first year but had soon come to dislike the topic. He switched majors from there to the arts, a topic he had been interested in for quite some time. Paderanga has good communication skills that show in the topics he has painted.

Like many paintings, his artwork evokes a wide range of emotions to his audience. From his piece called “the white house, second from the corner”, I felt a sense home as I took in the details of the oil painting. The area looked well lit, safe, and well taken care of. However, it could also be seen to be somewhat lonely because there are no cars parked in the driveway. Maybe there was a specific story behind this specific house,but that is up to interpretation. The paintings were photos that he had taken to capture the moment he thought was socially important to notice. A lot of these paintings seem to be topics about daily life. It felt like many of these topics also hint at social problems that we often overlook as well.

His art really just does evoke a wide range of emotions. His paintings remind me of just how one would see the world in their eyes. They would focus on a topic that would essentially become the “big picture” to their eyes alone. Just as how someone else would see crowds of people, I, on the other hand, would maybe focus my attention on animals roaming around.  We each interpret what we see differently, and Paderanga does no different with his oil paintings.



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