Wk 6: Zine

I believe that I had the most trouble with deciding on a topic to draw about. The zines that I’ve seen, all have some kind of message the self-publisher wants to put out to the public. Unfortunately, it seems as though I made the zine purely for myself and for close friends. If this assignment was mainly focusing on the kind of message that we’d want to adress and how we would express that through words or drawings, then I did draw with concepts in  mind.

I started the zine’s binding first of all. There was no particular difficuly with sewing the pages together, a skill I learned from my mother. Truthfully, I did struggle with tying the binding tightly so the pages wouldnt slip. The concepts I wanted to draw weren’t very political or out there for the public. I ended up drawing just concepts that people would have a different opnion on how to express. The front and back cover ended up being the contrast of darkness and light. The first three were purely just dragons in our oceans, skies, and earth. Time was just about things a civilization left behind, how nature interreupted its perfect preservation, and how “Space: was left blank, purely because I felt that space was just a subject I considered to be purely an empty canvas.

“What does it mean to be human?” was a question that popped up in a fictional story I read a while back. It was a typical fantasy novel that looks at the relationships between those we considered monsters and those we consider to be human. I used this question to refer to reoccuring sentences that were said to me when I was growing from a small kid to the young adult I am today. The seventh picture was supposed to be a solidary picture of how I saw myself. But then I soon added a door. I wasn’t satisfied by how plain it looked, so I erased that door to draw an open door instead. Now the open door thas people peeking from inside the door. The drawing progressed to symbolize the concept of a person having the power to pick whatever path they chose to follow, and where each door holds some kind of idea behind them. The door I picked would symbolize change, a change within myself because of the support I have from my friends today.  The last two pages don’t have a message, but they were also things that related to me, ideas that made me who I am today.


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