Wk5: Art Activity- Graffiti

Graffiti, to me, had always been something that had been looked down upon by my culture. It wasn’t an art form, nor was it known to me, to be something that people used to express themselves in a positive way. I had been up to LA a couple of times during my childhood. There, I saw graffiti as a nuisance to those who try to do business. The spray paint isn’t easy to take off, and some of its residues may be left over even after it had been “cleaned”. That was the kind of knowledge I had about graffiti when I grew up before I became much more open-minded. 

Now, I felt no such guilt when I started to spray. Graffiti is now something I consider a form of art. I only realized this after I looked at graffiti art that wasn’t a name or random symbols, but rather a gigantic picture on the side of a building.  Though it took me a while to actually start spraying, the activity was definitely enjoyable. I got to travel to Venice Beach, an area that I had never been to, and an area that I’d definitely visit again. Not only that, I  got to meet my classmates and a few local graffiti artists as well. There were two men who were kind enough to teach the group of girls, including me, the basics of graffiti art. They discussed what kind of colors would be more suitable for the background and ones that would be useful to highlight our names. With their advice, many of us were able to make pretty decent pictures or bubble letters despite being new to the form of art. 

For me, I had trouble with getting the paint out of the can. Unfortunately for me and my partner,Linda, we had several caps we didn’t get to use. We made it work for us after we got used to spraying on the wall. Linda and I were very hesitant on spraying over someone else’s hard work. We only started spraying after one of the local artists told us to just have fun with it, and that many of the arts we see now, will probably be gone within the hour. I have no complaints about my first graffiti art, besides the fact that I couldn’t use my other caps for some reason. I feel really proud for not only creating decent art but also for breaking away from a social norm that I once followed or believed to be bad behavior. I would be totally fine to do this again. I could have used the entire wall if I wanted to. The experience was exhilarating, allowing me to express myself in a way that is bolder than a simple paper and pencil. In the future, when I come up with my own design, have enough money for paint, and get a permit, I would go out to Venice Beach to graffiti again.


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