Activity Wk4: Automatic Drawing

The activity wasn’t supposed to be hard because it seemed simple at first. However, that feeling went away as soon as Linda and I gripped the pens together. For me, the first things I would automatically draw are the heads of horses or dragons/dinosaurs. Working together is difficult when ideas start to clash, especially when we both wanted a turn in guiding the pens. We first only used one pen color, however that escalated to four pens, two in each pair of hands when I believed that we were starting to have a bit more fun. Linda and I made flowers, circles, zig-zags, and various other lines that often overlapped each other. In the end, we managed to fill most of the space on the large piece of paper. When I looked at the paper, various objects started to surface as i pieced some shapes together. We both had managed to find a toucan, two dinosuars, and a duck’s head in the tangled mess. Linda had suggested that we draw whatever came to mind, adding a bit of our individuality to the paper. It was an idea I liked because I took it as a way to show how our individual personalities, when put together, can create a beautiful mess of art that as hidden gems each of us like. I believe that we can create only what we imagine.

There are a lot of methods to approach this kind of artistic idea, such as the materials we could have used. Yet, I don’t think I could have changed it any other way. Not only was it created with another person, it was done with someone very close to me, so I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope that Linda had as much fun as I did.


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