Wk 3-Artist Conversations: School of Art Maker Society

Artist: Anyone who visits the gallery

Exhibit: Interaction. The club did not officialize a name.

Media: Studio Art, Drawing

Gallery: Studio Art, Dutzi Gallery.

Website: http://lbmakersociety.org/about-us/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/makersociety

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makersociety/

There was a variety of details to look at in the exhibit because not one person drew or folded each of the art pieces displayed. On one wall, there were instructions on how to fold origami, a japanese art. On either side of that wall were pedestals. On the left pedestal, viewers were presented with various sizes or strips of patterned paper. The instructions were very easy to read and follow. On the right pedestal, the viewers were able to drop off their creations in a jar or had the choice to take it home. To the left of the origami wall were the black and white papers with drawings already on them by the time I got to the gallery. This side had a gestural line theme, where viewers could work with any line and any materials that were brought or provided for them.  The theme is supposed to in a sense, trigger the viewer’s imagination to create a picture out of simple squiggles or complicated, intertwining lines. To the right of the origami wall were also black and white papers,  this time, they were blank. This wall allowed people to draw whatever they felt like drawing. In the middle of the room, many different sized boards of all shapes were placed. There was a small sign that asked viewers to use the blocks and make something, whether they do so by stacking or connecting the boards together. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like most people had touched the area because the overseers felt like the viewers assumed that it was an actual  art piece. The whole purpose of this gallery, according to them, was to also redefine the meaning of a gallery space. Instead of going to an art space and just looking at an art piece before leaving, they felt that an interactive gallery would be more educational and would allow viewers to appreciate art a bit more.

The Maker’s Society is a nonprofit organization that wants to encourage everyone and anyone who has an interest in the arts. For the club, their goal is to inspire others to take a chance and do what they want to do in their artistic lives. The club wants to create a chain reaction of inspiration, in hopes that their efforts to encourage someone else to take part in their artistic side, will somehow, inspire yet another person to join in as well. This club is a branch of the engineering society.

On Wednesday, I got the chance to talk to the club’s vice president, Alice Giba, and treasurer, Ellin Phan. Alice and Ellin are sophomores.They are very approachable people who make the effort to encourage anyone, whether they consider themselves to be an artist or not, to embrace art into their daily lives.  I was informed that the club was still fairly new to the school. They want art to be at least a hobby or interest for others. The club is basically an introduction to art that provides people to learn about art without having the need  to take art classes. They want to encourage others to make their own art, unique to their style. The club gets some of their materials from professors who may have leftover materials, recyclable materials are a must.The club has had  guest speakers from the school’s faculty or people who know how to do a specific form of art, speak to the members. Ever so often, the club would host workshops on  Friday or weekdays. The club is very flexible with schedule and will plan based on what the majority of its members would like to do for its workshops.

This gallery connects to me as experiences found during my life since middle school. The gestural lines had me thinking back towards the times where I would have my friends dictate what I could draw. Similar to how the lines kind of limit the options I could creatively make a picture. The blank side, on the other hand, reminded me of an experience I had at conventions. The conventions had set up a long wall of blank papers that covered the entire space of the wall. For each day of the convention, people were allowed to freely express their interests through drawings and share them with others by putting their drawings on the public display. I was inspired by others artists, those who had drawing experience or none, to add in my own drawing to the board. This experience hits home for me because I did not have any formal education on drawing. Yet people from all over the world, people like myself, come and gather in this one building to freely voice and express their interests and hobbies.




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