Activity 2: Landscape with Corpses

I have neutral feelings towards the activity. I did well to get me to think how I wanted to die. However, I’ve already had this mindset in which if I happened to die, then I’d just shrug and move on to the afterlife. The project went without a hitch because it was so simple in a sense that not much was needed. I basically laid various amounts of bills in an arch and scattered coins among the bills. I laid myself in front of the alter we had at home.

The only thing that I’d like to change would be the location. My home was just the next best thing because I had hoped I would take pictures in a dense forest instead. But to die without embarrassment or pity in the public eye seems like the best way to go. It’s  obviously way better than a dreary hospital, in a sense that death is always knocking at its door. I would also be dying without remorse of uncompleted hopes and dreams. To die with money . Not a small amount, but more than enough for retirement and to share it with the next generation like my ancestors did, would be enough for me. I’ve had a lot of events affect me, and almost most of them involved some financial issue. Now, I just wanna die with that problem gone from my life. Actually living my life through the end, rather than ending it early won’t make the problem go away. Of course, money can’t buy happiness. Personally, I’d like to avoid a painful death as well.




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