Activity 1: Plaster at the Beach


Plastering didn’t turn out to be as hard as I made it out to be. The activity overall was very fun and allowed me to meet or greet new people that slowly trickled down to the shoreline near the pier. Technically, my cast turned out very well. You can see the formation of my fingertips and knuckles. I really liked how the back of my hand turned out. My palm, on the other hand, didn’t turn out as flat as I hoped it to be. If I were to plaster any body part in the future, I would rather use a funnel or a tube of some sort to slowly place the plaster in the mold. The way I poured the plaster really affects how my hand turned out, especially if I just pour it from up above the hole. I should’ve also done a better job at mixing. The lumpy parts of the mixture most likely damaged my hand mold as I poured it in.

My hand really resembles what I would imagine scientists to pull out from wreckages that lay that the bottom of the ocean. The grainy sand gives it that “artifact” kind of look. Possibly, if I had the skills, I could be able to give my cast a smoother look. Other than that and decorating my cast, I wouldn’t happen to know what else I could do with a cast of my hand.Overall, for my first time ever working with supplies aside from pencil and paper, I’m satisfied with how my cast turned out.




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